Thursday, September 21, 2017

Meadow Mist Designs Pattern Newsletter

Would you like more sneak peeks of upcoming Meadow Mist Designs patterns?  How about special coupon codes for newly released patterns?  I have decided to launch a Meadow Mist Designs Pattern Newsletter and I hope you will want to join in :)

This newsletter will be focused on the pattern/sales side of Meadow Mist Designs (including both patterns and my upcoming book Modern Plus Sign Quilts) and will be separate from than the blog content posted here.

The newsletter will not contain mystery quilt instructions (or other blog content) and does not replace (but builds on and enhances) my blog content delivered via Bloglovin, e-mail, Feedly, or your other favorite way of following the blog.

You can sign up for the Meadow Mist Designs Newsletter right here:


  1. All signed up. I look forward to your newsletter :)

  2. I'm so grateful for your supportive presence on the internet and I'm all signed up for sure.

  3. Looking forward to seeing each issue.

  4. Signed up just now. I'm looking forward to following and making the Magnolia Mystery Quilt. I am running late, having finally purchased the fabrics for the quilt today. In the process of cutting and I hope to catch up with you quickly!


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