Thursday, February 11, 2016

PWS - How to Write a Quilt Pattern - Topic 4 - Guest Post by Lorna of Sew Fresh Quilts

Topic IV - Guest Designer Post - Lorna

As part of the Pattern Writing Blog Series, our guest designers will be posting some in-depth discussions on some of the different topics.

Today, we will be visiting Lorna from Sew Fresh Quilts for a discussion on her perspective and evolution as a pattern designer.  Please hop over to her blog for the post.


  1. Thanks so much for hosting this informative series, Cheryl. It is high time someone decided to take on this subject and provide some guidance to anyone who has ever considered pattern writing. This will be a much viewed series, I'm sure!

  2. What Lorna said is so true! :) This has been a very valuable series Cheryl!


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