Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Midnight Mystery Quilt - More Sponsors!

How does 4 more prizes being added to the Midnight Mystery Quilt-a-long sound?  We are now close to $300 in prizes!!  Yes, I am excited :)

I would like to introduce you to the two new sponsors of the Midnight Mystery Quilt.

1.  Busy Hands Quilts

Busy Hands Quilts is a blog and Etsy shop run by Myra (who is hosting her own Gravity QAL).  Myra is taking part in the Midnight Mystery Quilt and has some wonderful fabrics selected.  She has graciously donated 2 copies of her new quilt pattern Picket Fence as prizes for the reveal of the Mystery Quilt.

2. Studio E and Blank Quilting

Karen is a wonderful quilter in my local quilt guild who also works for Blank Quilt Corporation / Studio e and worked to bring us more giveaways.   Blank Quilt Corporation / Studio e have donated some wonderful fabric bundles as prizes. (It is going to be so hard to keep these in my sewing room until March and not use them!)  Up for grabs is a Studio e Fabrics 10-pc fat quarter bundle of Peppered Cottons and Blank’s 20-piece fat quarter bundle called Fusion Illusion.  

This new sponsors are in addition to our other wonderful sponsors: Pile O'Fabric, Bear Creek Quilting Company, and the Fat Quarter Shop.

Thank you so much to our sponsors!!!


  1. What wonderful giveaways! I would surely love to win one of them. =) I haven't started your mystery yet, but my is fabric set aside and the first clue saved. I'll start as soon as get some other projects done.

  2. Wow, very cool announcement, Cheryl; congratulations! :)

  3. That is so neat!! Love giveaways!!! :)

  4. How exciting! what a great bonus to something that is already a bunch of fun!

  5. I was already excited about the QAL, but now it just got even better. Thanks for all your hard work in putting this together and finding sponsors. I can't wait for August so I can start sewing.

  6. WTG I love these new items too!! can't wait to start piecing.

  7. Wonderful sponsors! I'm ironing and cutting out my fabrics today, so I will be ready for August!!!

  8. Wonderful! Can't wait to start the QAL!

  9. just finished up cutting my fabric last night - am making two, one was a kit you offered and the second from my stash - both different.

  10. Merci pour la proposition sur Facebook...
    Me dire comment se déroule le mystère et si c'est aussi un concours car il y a des sponsors !!!
    Je regrette de ne pas parler votre langue.

  11. How fun Cheryl! You have really found some great sponsors!
    I accidentally ordered on of my fabrics in home decor weight. (Didn't even know they had that.) So I ordered a different fabric and am waiting for it to arrive so I can start cutting.

  12. Such great additions!!! Lock those fat quarter bundles up so you're not tempted!

  13. Its great to have new sponsors, I would love to win fabric, its so pretty and it would be hard to put away until March.

  14. The sponsors are so generous, and thanks to you no doubt, with contacting, giving them all the gen on the Midnight Mystery. Now, to wait till March, that will be so hard!!


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