Thursday, February 5, 2015

Foothills Mystery Quilt - February Instructions

Welcome to February's instructions for the Foothills Mystery Quilt-a-long!

I cannot believe it is already here, but this month is the last month of instructions and the reveal of the mystery quilt top!  You will find out below how the 4 different types of blocks which have 3 different sizes all come together; I hope that you like the final design! (Remember, the instructions for previous months can be found in the Foothills Mystery Quilt tab above so you can start the quilt at anytime).

These instructions below are for piecing the blocks into a quilt top, adding a border, and finishing the quilt.  Next month we will not have any instructions, giving you two full months to piece and finish your quilt.  

We are going to have a quilt parade in April to celebrate.  Pictures of quilt tops and finished quilts will be due to me by the first Thursday of April (the 2nd) and then the quilt parade will be the second Thursday of April (the 9th).  When your quilt top/quilt is ready, you can send me a picture(s) along with your name, blog name, blog address and anything else you would like published with the picture.

Please share your in-progress pictures on our flicker group Meadow Mist Designs and on Instagram using the hastag #FoothillsMystery so that everyone can see your progress :)

Quilt Top Assembly

Assemble the quilt top using 12 diamond blocks (12½” x 12½), 6 four-patch blocks (6½” x 6½”), 7 whole hourglass blocks (6½” x 12½”), and 10 half hourglass blocks (6½” x 12½”).

Layout blocks according to the following diagram.  Sew blocks into rows, then sew rows together for the quilt top.  Press all seams open.  The quilt top (without borders) measures approximately 48½” x 66½”.

Adding Borders

Use 6 fabric set B strips (3½” x WOF) to add borders to the quilt top (3” finished borders).

1.  Form the side borders by sewing 2 full strips (3½” x WOF) end to end and trimming to the average height of the quilt, approximately 66½”, reserving the trimmed pieces.  Repeat to form 2 side border pieces. 

2.  Attach the side borders to the sides of the quilt, pressing seams open or towards the border.

3.  Form the top and bottom borders by sewing 1 full strip (3½” x WOF) with a trimmed border piece end to end and trimming to the average width of the quilt, approximately 54½”.  Repeat to form 2 top and bottom border pieces. 

4.  Attach the top and bottom border to the quilt, pressing seams open or towards the borders.

The finished quilt top with borders should measure approximately 54½” x 72½”.

Finishing the Quilt

Binding (straight grain):  ⅝ yard

Batting (with a 4” overhang): 62” x 80”

Backing (with a 4” overhang): 3½ yards

1.      Layer the quilt top, batting, and backing.

2.      Baste and quilt as desired. 

3.      Form the binding from 7 strips, each 2½” x WOF.  Bind and enjoy your quilt, thanks for joining in on this mystery quilt-a-long!

Finished size 54½” x 72½


  1. I wasn't quilting along, but that's a really cute pattern!

  2. Oh wow, Cheryl, I am so excited to finish this up! You did a fantastic job hiding the details of the quilt - the patterns the blocks form when assembled are going to be so fun!

  3. What a great end result! Fun pattern.

  4. I was wondering about the layout! Very pretty!


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  6. What a great reveal, love how this turned out!

  7. Such a beautiful finish, Cheryl. I love how it all came together!


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