Sunday, December 14, 2014

Sew Mama Sew Winner and Responce Results

Thank you all so much for the super response to this year's Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Day! There were a total of 874 entries for the Fat Quarter Berry Bundle of Cotton & Steel Blenders.

Without further ado, has selected comment #419.

Which was Natasha!  Congratulations!

The optional question for the giveaway day was what precut size you find to be the most challenging to figure out what to do with (charm pack, jelly roll, layer cake, fat 8ths, fat quarters, etc).  

It was so interesting to read what each person said.  As an engineer, I thought some graphs of the responses might be interesting.  

By far, jelly rolls were cited as being the most difficult precut size to work with. Most people said the shape of the strip was limiting or they could not find a jelly roll pattern they liked. A number of respondents admitted that they did love how cute they looked all rolled up on their shelves though :)

For the mini charm packs and charm packs, the largest amount of comments were around there not being enough fabric to make a substantial item from the packs (a lot of respondents said they picked up 1 charm pack here and there and then could never figure out what to do with it).

Fat eighths were cited as being a weird size which was difficult to figure out a plan for, always being too large or too small a piece of fabric. Layer cakes and fat quarters were called out for being difficult most often because there were so many possibilities.

I love designing with precuts and from your responses I have an idea on which precuts to focus on next year. I actually have a Moda Bake Shop tutorial that will publish next month which makes a great baby sized quilt using only 1 charm pack, so maybe that will help with some of the lone charm packs people have :)
Thank you so much to everyone who decided to follow my blog. I hope to bring you fun and useful content and most importantly get to know you all!!



  1. Wonderful detailed report of your findings Cheryl! We look forward to your new Moda BakeShop tutorial. ~Shari

  2. The breakdown is so interesting. Thanks for the info!

  3. I am surprised at the spread of opinions on precuts. I think jelly rolls are the easiest because you can just add yardage and do anything! I think honey buns and mini charms are useless. Just my 2 cents!

  4. Your stats make interesting reading, thanks Cheryl.

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