Thursday, October 2, 2014

Foothills Mystery Quilt - October Instructions

Welcome to the October instructions for the Foothills Mystery Quilt-a-long! The instructions for previous months can be found in the Foothills Mystery Quilt tab above.  The monthly instructions will be posted on the first Thursday of each month.

** In addition to the flicker group Meadow Mist Designs, we now have a hashtag.  When you post pictures on instragram please use #FoothillsMystery so that everyone can see your progress :)

And now onto October's instructions, we will be making 12 square in a square blocks.  This month's piecing should take you much less time than the HST of September (so you also have this month to finish the HST if needed).

Square in a Square Units

Using 12 fabric set B squares (4¾” x 4¾”) and 48 fabric set A triangles (3⅞” x 3⅞”), make 12 Square in a Square (SiaS) units (6½” x 6½”).

a.  Center a fabric set A triangle (3⅞” x 3⅞”) along a first side of a fabric set B square (4¾” x 4¾”).  Sew along the edge with a scant ¼” seam (shown as a dotted line), press outward.

b.  Sew a 2nd triangle on the side of the square opposite to the first side, press outward. Note: you can sew both of these triangles on then press instead of pressing after each addition.

c.  Continue by sewing a 3rd and 4th background triangle onto the square, pressing outwards.

d.  Trim off the tabs formed by the sewn on triangles and square the unit to 6½” x 6½” (if necessary) making sure there is ¼” between the corner of the inner square and the outer side of the unit.  Form a total of 12 SiaS units (6½” x 6½”).

Thanks so much for quilting along with me!


  1. Oh my, it is taking shape! Getting curiously more excited! Love that you did a mystery quilt!

  2. Just finding this now.. but thanks for the info.. Very very easy! :) Glad to have found your blog


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