Thursday, September 4, 2014

Mystery Quilt - September Instructions - HSTs

Welcome to the September instructions for the Foothills Mystery Quilt-a-long! The instructions for previous months can be found in the Foothills Mystery Quilt tab above.  The monthly instructions will be posted on the first Thursday of each month.

** In addition to the flicker group Meadow Mist Designs, we now have a hashtag.  When you post pictures on instragram please use #FoothillsMystery so that everyone can see your progress :)

And now onto September's instructions...we will be making a ton (12 dozen to be exact) of half square triangles (HST).  

Please don't run away yet.  This is the most involved month in terms of numbers of fabrics to piece and time spent.  However, you have a whole month to make them (and to let you in on a secret - you will not be using the HST them next month so you really have two months to finish them.  Also, next month's instructions will take you much, much less time).  

This month you might fall in love with HSTs (I personally love them!), but even if you don't, if you make just make a few a day you will finish before the end of the month.  

Note:  It is not too late to join in!  I will be e-mailing a pdf version of these instructions within one day of the instructions posting here so if you would like the instructions in a more easily printable form, please e-mail me at cheryljbrickey (at) gmail (dot) com and I will add you to the e-mail list.

Half Square Triangle Units

Using 72 fabric set A squares (4” x 4”) and 72 fabric set B squares (4” x 4”), form 144 HSTs (3½” x 3½”) using the method shown below.

   a.  Place a fabric set A square (4” x 4”) and a fabric set B square (4” x 4”) right sides together. Draw a diagonal line using a removable marking device on the back of the fabric set B square (shown as the solid line). 
  b. Sew ¼” on either side of the solid line (dotted lines). Cut on the solid line and press seam towards the fabric set A fabric or press open. 

  c. Form 144 HST units, trimming each to (3½” x 3½”). Note: 1 fabric set A square and 1 fabric set B square will yield 2 HST units.


  1. I am looking forward to some chain piecing later this month! Yay! :)

  2. My chain piecing is to be beginning this weekend!


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