Wednesday, April 2, 2014

ALYoF Goal for April

As a new month has just started I need to get my A Lovely Year of Finishes April goal set.  I have been doing very well with my goals so far this year.  I have linked up and finished my goals each month.  I hope that this month is no different.

My goal this month is to finish my Tic Tac Hashtag quilt.  Here is a picture of the quilt top.  I actually have almost finished quilting it now so hopefully this will be an easy goal to finish this month.

I need an easy goal because:

  • I cut the tip of my left thumb off yesterday morning while making breakfast.  It was not too deep (no stitches needed), just deep enough to bleed forever and be really sore.
  • I have a number of quilt patterns and tutorials to be working on and finishing up.  I need to finish those before I start some more quilting.
Because of the above reasons, it might be a little quieter on the blog in April than usual.

Also, in happy news, if you look at the list of sponsers for ALYoF, you will see Meadow Mist Designs!  I will be giving away a copy of a digital pattern each month.

Happy Quilting!

I'm linking up to A Lovely Year of Finishes.


  1. yay for sponsoring! Not so yay for your thumb... I cut the tip of my ring finger off in December... not fun at all

  2. Sorry to hear about the injury... Cuts on fingers is the absolute worst. They hurt really bad and take forever to heal! Probably because hands are constantly being used. And so cool about sponsoring ALYOF!

  3. I am sorry to hear about your injury. Finger cuts are always bad. I hope your finger heals very soon! Great news about sponsoring ALYOF!



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