Thursday, January 16, 2020

Mosaic Mystery Quilt ++ Quilt Top and Quilt Linkup

I hope that you are love the Mosaic Mystery quilt design and are working towards finishing your quilt tops and quilts!

Please take the time to read through some important items as we near the end of the quilt along...

Important Dates:
  • January 31st - Linkup of quilt tops for January's monthly linkup. See below for prizes.
    • NOTE: The link up for the reveal parade and the January linkup are the same so you only need to linkup once (if you link up for January, you do not need to re-linkup your quilt top for the reveal parade)
  • March 5th - Linkups of all quilt tops and/or quilts due into the linkup to be eligible for reveal parade prizes.
  • March 12th - Mosaic Mystery Quilt reveal parade!
  • March 16th or 17th - prize winners revealed.

How to Submit Your Quilt to the January Linkup and Reveal Parade and Be Eligible for Prizes:
  • Use the link-up link below. You will link up your quilt top or quilt and then on the reveal parade day, they will all publish together in one post.
  • If you have any problems with the link-up, e-mail me at I will help you and will even load your quilt picture if needed.
  • If you need help, please do not DM me through Instagram, PM through Facebook, leave a comment in the Facebook group, etc. I simply cannot keep track of all of the different avenues of communication and might not see your question or problem.

Frequency Asked Questions:
  • Do I need to finish my quilt (quilted and bound) to take part in the parade and be eligible for prizes? 
    • No, you can enter pictures of completed quilt tops or finished quilts.
  • I posted my quilt picture to Facebook / Instagram / my blog, am I entered into the parade? 
    • No, you must link up your picture to be eligible. I will help you if you have any problems.
  • How are the prizes given out? 
    •  All prizes are given out randomly to quilters who participate in the reveal parade.
  • I loved the Mosaic Mystery quilt so much I made two (or more) versions, can I link up both of them? 
    •  Yes! You can link up all of the quilt tops and/or finished quilts you made from the Mosaic Mystery quilt and each quilt gets an entry into the prize drawing.

Mosaic Mystery Quilt Links:

If you have any questions, you can e-mail me or leave them in the comments below, now onto January's Linkup!  Many thanks to our generous sponsors for January!

Hobbs Batting
Monthly prize: Twin-sized cotton/wool batting 

Hobbs strives to create the best battings for quilters and has many options such as wool, cotton, polyester, and silk for quilters to choose from.  I love using Hobbs battings in my quilts.

Monthly prize: One winner of 2 pdf patterns 

Yvonne of Quilting Jetgirl is back as a sponsor for the third year in a row! Yvonne blogs at Quilting Jetgirl. She has been quilting for 20+ years and credits quilting with helping her feel balanced and connected to both her local hometown community and a larger global community. Her patterns are available through her shop

Remember, those quilt tops entered by Jan 31st midnight are entered to win a prize from Hobbs or Quilting Jetgirl. The linkup will remain open and you can linkup your quilt tops and quilts to this same linkup anytime before the end of Thursday March 5th.


  1. Thanks for another great mystery QAL. I've linked up my quilt top. Fingers crossed I have a finished quilt by the final link up. ☺

  2. Slowly but surely making some progress. I laid my blocks out on the guest bed only to realize I never finished making the flying geese blocks. What the heck? So I finished those and now I can start stitching my rows together. I am loving all the variations I have seen on Facebook. Lots of fun Cheryl - thank you for this QAL!


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