Friday, August 5, 2016

Meadow Mystery Quilt - New Printer Friendly E-mail Delivery System

Hi Everyone! Thank you all so much for the support and the enthusiasm joining the Meadow Mystery Quilt!

As you know, I offer to anyone who would like it, an easy to print pdf version of the monthly instructions via e-mail.  Until now, I was managing the e-mail list through Gmail.  Great news, the list has grown with so many quilters taking part in the mystery quilt.  Bad news, Gmail really does not like it when you try to send an e-mail with an attachment to 1000+ people so I needed to find a new way of getting the files out.  

I have decided to use MailChimp to send out the monthly pdf instruction files. In MailChimp, attachments are not supported so instead of getting an e-mail with a pdf file attached to it, you will receive a e-mail like this one that contains links to the pdf files.  You can click the links and download the easy to print version of the instructions at anytime.

I just sent out a first test e-mail through MailChimp so if you have already signed up for the pdf list and received an e-mail through MailChimp you are all set and do not need to re-sign up.

Below is the signup form to sign up for easy to print pdf monthly instructions for the Meadow Mist Designs mystery quilts (note: this sign up is separate from following the blog and will not be used for anything but mystery quilt instructions and related information).  After you fill in your information and press "Subscribe" you will receive an e-mail from MailChimp where you will have to confirm your subscription.

Subscribe to Printer Friendly (pdf version) Mystery Quilt Instructions

**update 5/2017**  
pdf files for future mystery quilts will be placed as a link within the blog posts.  MailChimp will no longer be used to send out pdf files.
Thank you so much for quilting along with me and for your patience as I try to make this quilt along better for everyone!


  1. I received my download, but, it will not open

  2. It won't let me subscribe.
    Vicky H

  3. Awesome news that you have so many e-mails to send, but sorry that it's now causing troubles. I did get the new e-mail with the download link okay. Thanks.

  4. The new email format worked for me. It's pretty cool that you have so many participants that you had to make changes. On the other hand, that does make for a lot of extra work managing all of those participants. Thank you for offering the mystery.


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